Steel Seal - Head Gasket Repair


Repair your blown Head Gasket in 3 Easy Steps...


  1. Make sure engine is cold and remove the radiator cap. Pour Steel Seal directly into the radiator. Tighten the radiator cap back on.
  2. Turn heater and fan to maximum and start the engine. Let your car tick over for 60 minutes. Turn off vehicle and let it cool completely. Top up the radiator with  antifreeze and water, then replace the radiator cap on tightly.
  3. Leave the Steel Seal in your system drive the vehicle as usual.

Steel Seal repairs your blown head gasket or your money back!

Steel Seal is compatible with all types of antifreeze and will work on any vehicle with a water cooling system.

Steel Seal™ creates a seal that will repair all cylinder head gasket problems and will withstand high temperatures and high pressures to create a permanent seal. The product can be used in both petrol and diesel engines both steel and aluminium. It will work on any vehicle with a water cooling system including cars, vans, pickups,4x4, bikes, boats even tractors and agricultural machinery. Steel Seal is a product that should be on the shelf in everyones garage or tool box, should your cylinder head gasket ever go it will be there to make the repair effortlessly for you. Make sure you have one in the glove box of yours and your loved one cars to make sure should your head gasket fail you can get home!