City Rover Parts

Rover Link are specialists in City Rover parts and we have large quantities of stock available. There are many parts which are now unavailable from Xpart which we have or can source for you.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or queries.

We have some of our stock listed below:

Filler Neck Kit

This consists of a modified Filler Neck, Filler Cap, Seperator and Hose.


Front Anti Roll Bar Link and Bushes

Part Number: 270232800113 Link

Part Number: 270232807501 Bush



Clutch Fork Assembly

Part Number: 270225600113


Front Strut / Shock Absorber Top Mounting


Front Lower Ball Joint

Part Number: 277532100128


Clutch Cable

Part Number: 284229100119


Rear Strut / Shock Absorber Top Mounting

Part Number: 270232420112



Front Brake Hose

Part Number: 284242800123


Front Brake Pad Set

Part Number: 277942100114



All prices include VAT.