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Rover Link has been established since the Rover Group folded in 2004. Colin and Kenny have over 40 years experience working with these vehicles.

Parts Availability in Product Catalogue

We are currently updating our products catalogue with a view to purchase direct from the site. The parts we are showing now MAY NOT be in stock when we are showing stock available. PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK AVAILABILITY ON 0151 420 8070. Thank You.

Featured Product

R75 $ MGZT Wheel Bolt Silver

R75 & MGZTm Wheel Bolt Silver



Alarm fobs - we can replace batteries and reprogram any MG or Rover keyfob including late-model cars and Rover 75's

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Key cutting - we offer key cutting for all models of Rover cars including the Rover 75 and MG ZT

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Radio and key codes - If your Rover audio unit is blocked, we can unlock it and return it to working order

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